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Having doubts about what to see in Procida? Nature, architecture and culture!

Procida is ideal for those who are looking for relaxation and healing tranquility at the cost of the usual hustle and bustle of other resorts. Successful painters, musicians, writers and directors often choose Procida to relax and find inspiration that only a magical place can give.

However, this does not mean, that there are no other significant places of interest. Of course, under the view of closely experiencing the nature, the island of Procida is the perfect option, as it is full of landscapes still un-spoilt where the Mediterranean Maquis proliferates and offers different colors and scents of unique beauty, which can be appreciated even more by walking through enjoyable nature trails.

ice-creamThe good mediterranean food is a must in Procida. You can taste the typical food, that will let you enjoy the island even more. There’s nothing better than relaxing next to sea, while drinking the pleasant cocktails and eating the delicious cakes and ice creams of the renowned Bar dal Cavaliere.

The Marina di Chiaiolella hosts the main beach of the island, mostly attened by families with childrens, whereas in Marina Grande there is the Procida harbor. In the opinion of the lady of the house the Baia di Chiaia is the flagship of the island, considered one of the most beautiful places of the Gulf of Naples.

The island is perfect for divers. The seafloors of Procida are amazing and a diver will surely love the beauty of this blue sea.

Procida, however, is also famous for its culture and art. Its numerous churches are often spectacular to see, such as the Abbey of St. Michael Archangelo, overlooking the sea, offering a breathtaking spectacle. Built in the XVII century, the Abbey commemorates the patron saint of the island.

For lovers of religious art and architecture, Procida also hosts the noted Church of the Madonna delle Grazie, in addition to that of San Leonardo. And precisely looking at the architecture, it is impossible to not let oneself get intrigued by the distinct architectural style of the Procida houses, preserved particularly in the village of Marina Corricella.

The use of arches, sail vaults and climbing stairs are distinctive features of the architecture of the island, also the hues with which they are painted are never chosen at random. Emphasis is, in fact, on the pastel shades that color the island so as to further enhance its beauty.

In a visit to Procida, finally, you should not miss the visit to the Terra Murata, which is the ancient heart of the island, where the people lived and took refuge in the most unstable political time. The Terra Murata offers scenes of unique beauty, being situated on a promontory, 90 meters above the sea level and gives a feeling of impassability, even considering the fact that on one hand, there are cliffs, on the other hand, the walls erected in ‘500.

The island of Procida is certainly a surprise for tourists who definitely are able to appreciate the charm and authenticity, enjoying pleasant and special days.